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ayoye, paragraphe tsé veux dire? :-P Empty ayoye, paragraphe tsé veux dire? :-P

10/5/2013, 17:21
Vokoun closed the door and did what he needed to do. Although I did not agree with thestarting line pairings I have to say thank you to coach Dan for reading my recommendations and doing what I said. Crosby needs Iginla and Dupuis because they offer unique skills that complement one another and don't detract from one another like they did when Iggy was with Malkin and Neal. YOU CANNOT have three goal scorers/shooters on one line. It does not allow for skilled players to be maximized. Putting Kunitz where he belongs on Malkin's line with Neal gives the Pens thegritty corner guy that causes loose pucks and turnovers (ex. Goal by Murray that was starayoyeted by Kuny making things happen and winning the battles before). The third line (Cooke-Sutter-Morrow) was the worst line of the four because it has minimal speed and it cannot maintain control while trying to defend when it doesn't have puck possession. Kennedy-Vitale-Adams line was very effective and the reason for it was not just TK BUT more so Joe Vitale which just does so many goodthings all the time. Vitale is the heart of that line and Vitale MUST MUST MUST be in the lineup each game. TK needs a guy like Vitale to play with if and when he plays. TK scored a great goal as he should of being that it was an uncontested breakaway madepossiblebythebestpass of thegamebythe 2013 Norris Trophy Winner (should be) Kris Letang. You rock Tanger! Adams played solid and should be in the lineup over Tanner Glass who should not see the ice until next season. I like you Tanner but as the NHL says in its trademark statement "BecauseIt's TheCup". The announcers where getting a bit confused mistaken Kennedy for Vitale because of their jersey numbersbut that's ok because that's how they should be playing (all over the rink). Way to go TK for playing hard and for playing smart and thank you Joe for being crazy Joe out there and making plays happen. The part when Kennedy got moved to the third line made the announcers go crazy but it made me nearly have to wipe my backside. You cannot put too amazingly slowplayers who's transitioning skills are not that great (Morrow and Cooke). They are just too slow to be on the same line if they are thinking about being offensively productive. They need to be bangers and need to stay to that game plan IF they are going to be together. Two times after stoppages Dan went with thewrong line but Vokoun came through. Momentum is huge in the playoffs and feeding off of intensity of the prior shift is key. Coming back with a Crosby line or a Malkin line is key during those times. The sweetest play of the game was when the awesome skater Dupuis busted his tail to theboardsto get the puck and then dished it to a perfectly timed full stride skating Iginla who then waitedjusta half second more with the great skilled patience he has and dished a perfect pass to Sidneyinstride that allowed him to generate speed across the blueline so he could make a deke move aroundthe D man and eventually beat the Isles goaltender by just rippin it home. This play doesn't happen unless coach Dan had made the smart move to putIggy with Sid and Duper. Iggy understands and sees the game like Sid does and that's why the pair works so good. And Pascalknowshis role and offers so much to that line because of his superior skating and great shooting as well as boardplay. As for D men play I thought Tanger was great along with Despres who is very smart and theplay of Murray was super solid. Martin played very well at all ends and Niskanen only made a few little tough decisions that caused some shots but Voky wasupto thechallenge. I am still not fond of Orpik's play because he waits too long and doesn't poke check pucks off of sticks because he waits because he wants to cross check people which is stupid. Change your style Brooks or sit down because those technically non skilled plays will cost us unless you decide to not do them. DO NOT put Tanner Glass back in the lineup!!! The only addition/s I would makeat this point is Beau Bennett, Jussi Jokinen and Mark Eaton when needed. Eaton for Orpik, Bennett for Morrowor Cooke or Kennedy and Jokinen for Sutter or Kennedy or Morrow or Cooke or Adams. Play Vokoun ingame 6 and 7 if needed unless he craps the bed which is not going to happen. He is a veteran and THIS IS HIS TIME. There time is done. It's over. (you can fill in the rest). Way to go boys. Let'sGo Pens!
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