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Date d'inscription : 06/02/2013

 Ryan O'Reilly UN Peter Forsberg??? Empty Ryan O'Reilly UN Peter Forsberg???

18/2/2013, 16:58

PAS UNE COMPARAISON, juste un journaliste qui "expérience"
un(mauvais?) reve et l'attitude de Ryan O'Reilly avec ses demandes se croit FORSBERG.
Les 55pts de O'Reilly a sa 3ieme saison le place 24ieme parmi les centres.
Colorado center Ryan O'Reilly's limbo rolls on without a resolution in sight. At some point while I was sleeping, [O'Reilly] apparently became Peter Forsberg. There is one time and one time only that teams have systemic leverage against an NHL player, and that's when the athlete comes off Entry Level into his second contract, lacking salary arbitration rights. It is entirely appropriate for teams to use that leverage. ... The Colorado offer of two years at $3.5 million per hardly seems an insulting one for O'Reilly, who emerged as a strong defensive presence a year ago while recording 55 points (18-37) in his third NHL season. The 55 points, by the way, ranked 24th among centers.

New York Post

Date d'inscription : 05/02/2013

 Ryan O'Reilly UN Peter Forsberg??? Empty Re: Ryan O'Reilly UN Peter Forsberg???

28/2/2013, 18:12
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